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Set of equipment "to start"

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equipment "FOR START"

business for the production of toilet paper from the basics

The kit "to start" includes:

1. Machine for winding the basis of toilet paper in the log PS-12


basis of toilet paper from recycled paper in the process rolls - logs (hand laid paper).

format machine rewinds to 1000-2400mm basis. as standard. On request the machine can produce any size.

design of the machine allows for winding as the log on a cardboard sleeve, and without it. At the same time to start winding of the log is not used any more trees - paper is wound on itself.

paper winding speed is regulated in a wide range, which enables to rewind the paper of almost any quality. The maximum winding speed - 4 log per minute (with a length of paper 50 meters).

Design capacity - 10-11 tons. \ day.

achieved in practice, performance (human error) - 2-3 tons. a shift in the format of 2400mm.

Running Machine is by lowering the upper frame. Turn off the machine occurs when the log of a given diameter.

unit wet cliff paper provides a quick break and sizing of the last layer.

Specifications basic configuration:
voltage 380V / 50Hz;
power from 2.1 kW;
roll diameter max 1300mm rewindable basis;
wide basis (format) 2400 mm (on order of any)

Speed log rewind paper 4 / min. (With a length of paper 50 m);

  • can be wound without a hole or pocket;
  • a wide range of adjustments to the size and weight of the roll, winding density of paper

    automatic start by lowering the frame;

    • automatic stop of the machine parameters for a given roll;
    • frequency converter that allows you to program all modes of operation of the machine (soft start, winding speed, etc.);
    • reverse rotation shaft;
    • flat-belt drive vestibule;
    • device for installation on the basis of the machine;
    • provided with the instruction manual;
    • overall size max, mm:

      length - 1200.

      width - 2700.

      height - 1600.

      • transport size max, mm:

        length - 1270

        width - 2000

        height - 1100

        • weight, not exceeding 1200 kg

          2. The machine for cutting logs of toilet paper


          cutting logs of toilet paper rolls on the consumer.

          knife disc. Electromechanical supply a knife to cut. Manual feed logs to cut.

          quality of cut is very high.

          design ensures safe operation of the machine operator and maintenance personnel.

          Resource knife - from 220tys. up to 1 million. 200 thousand. cuts - depends on the quality of the knife, toilet paper, winding density, qualification of personnel.Sharpening a knife

          automatic - diamond cup without drive.


          • power consumption - from 3.5 kW;
          • diameter of cut logs - up to 100mm. (+ On demand up to 120 mm.)Consumer
          • length rolls - up to 230mm.
          • speed as standard - cuts up to 60 \ min;
          • speed in assembly to order - up to 70 cuts \ min;
          • the possibility of regulating the speed;
          • design life 220tys knife 200. cuts;
          • average yield of 450-500 thousand knife cuts;
          • made as a resource of 1.2 million knife cuts (in Moldova);
          • provided with a passport and operating instructions;
          • overall size max, mm:

            length - 1710.

            width - 2660.

            height - 1700.

            • transport size max, mm:

              length - 610.

              height - 1700.

              weight - 375kg

              3. Okleechnoy-table storage


              table is intended to label stickers, storage and drying pasted the log.


              can significantly reduce the travel time of the operator on the shop floor, considerably accelerates and simplifies the manufacturing process


              • overall size max, mm:

                length - 2600

                width - 2370

                height - 1760

                • transport size max, mm:

                  length - 2600

                  width - 2370

                  height - 400

                  4.Upakovochny table


                  packing table is designed for manual packaging of finished consumer rolls in plastic bags (bags).

                  Table dimensions:

                  Length - 2015mm

                  Width - 620mm

                  Height - 1090mm

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